New Beginnings




It’s the glorious time of the year that people like to label the beginning of their lives. High school seniors are graduating and contemplating their futures while college students are graduating and entering the workforce. My reasoning for this being an exciting time for me is slightly aligned with that of high school seniors. 

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Two Months in Review

Hi everyone. It’s been a while. I wanted to post some sort of life update and explanation for why I haven’t posted anything in the past two months. It was my intention to post two to three times per month, but recent trials have made that close to impossible. I hope that you all will accept this apology and explanation for my absence. 

School, work, and personal obligations have all contributed to the positive and negative stress that I experienced over my hiatus. I worked long hours at a writing center, coped with a recent car accident that I was involved in (yes, another one), and attempted to keep my school workload under control. I also chose the school that I would like to finish my undergraduate work at and prepared myself for accommodating those changes.

The stress is subsiding, and I am currently embracing the off-time that I will have from school and work this summer. The first three months of 2017 were interesting, to say the least. These last few months didn’t offset me from my goals completely, but did serve as minor setbacks. 



Annual Pass Holder Days


For the past year, I had been fortunate enough to own a Disneyland annual passport. I am a massive Disney fan and list Disneyland as one of my favorite escape destinations. Last March was when I finally decided to make the commitment of purchasing an annual pass. Some of my visits to the “happiest place on earth” had their ups and downs, but I can honestly say that the pass was a good investment overall. The extended amount of days that I was able to visit the park allowed me to enjoy the smaller things that it offered at a leisurely pace rather than trying to ride every attraction in one day. I don’t plan on renewing my pass until I find more time in my schedule to take advantage of it (or unless Star Wars Land can convince me to shell out 1k). 

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Santa Barbara



My family and I try to take trips up the coast to Santa Barbara to visit my grandparents as often as we can. My mother is a Santa Barbara native and (lucky for us) has parents that never sold the house that she grew up in. The two-hour trek is often difficult to fit into our busy schedules; my dad wasn’t even able to make it this time. Despite this, we still try to drive up as often as possible while we still can. My grandmother suffers from dementia, a memory-loss disease that’s hereditary in my family. It was initially difficult to cope with her cumbersome inability to remember; however, years into the disease, my family has found ways around it.

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