New Beginnings




It’s the glorious time of the year that people like to label the beginning of their lives. High school seniors are graduating and contemplating their futures while college students are graduating and entering the workforce. My reasoning for this being an exciting time for me is slightly aligned with that of high school seniors. 

When deciding what path I wanted to take to further my education after high school, I was offered the opportunity to attend a school for a period of time and then transfer to a different institution. Given the circumstances of the latter half of my senior year, this seemed like the most viable option for me to obtain my degree. With that being said, I embarked on “the path less traveled” and arrived at the point where I was left with the decision of where I would like to continue my education. 

I applied to several schools with very small confidence in the idea that I would be offered admission to my top choice. If you currently follow my other social media (or guessed from the photos posted above), you might already know what school I chose to attend. If not, I will be going to the University of California – Los Angeles (commonly referred to as UCLA) this fall! 

The path that I took to reach this destination was unconventional, but I wouldn’t change it if it meant putting me somewhere other than this world-renowned school.

If you would like me to make a post about getting in to UCLA or anything else, feel free to  let me know. 


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