Annual Pass Holder Days


For the past year, I had been fortunate enough to own a Disneyland annual passport. I am a massive Disney fan and list Disneyland as one of my favorite escape destinations. Last March was when I finally decided to make the commitment of purchasing an annual pass. Some of my visits to the “happiest place on earth” had their ups and downs, but I can honestly say that the pass was a good investment overall. The extended amount of days that I was able to visit the park allowed me to enjoy the smaller things that it offered at a leisurely pace rather than trying to ride every attraction in one day. I don’t plan on renewing my pass until I find more time in my schedule to take advantage of it (or unless Star Wars Land can convince me to shell out 1k). 

I live about twenty minutes away from Disneyland, so it never took much planning to find a friend and make the trip down the 5. My good friend Olivia and I ventured south on Thursday for the last time before my pass expired. Our trip included going on all of the rides that my heart desired, overindulging on calories, and chanting “raise the roof” every chance we got. 



We decided that our first ride would be Splash Mountain since the weather was so warm. After seeing that the wait would be over two hours, we opted to get fast passes and hit up a few of the “kitty” rides and California Adventure instead. We were able to ride a lot more attractions than we anticipated and enjoyed a few tasty treats as well. After accepting the fact that the wait for Space Mountain would be no shorter than 90 minutes, we were completely shocked when a man offered us his fast passes as we entered the standby line. This generous offering forced us to scarf down our ice cream cones that we had purchased specifically for the long wait. Getting on the Star Wars-themed coaster allowed us to ride two more rides before leaving that night. The tram ride back to the Mickey and Friends parking structure was a final reminder of something great that will be left behind.





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