Favorite of the Month: February 2017


I *shamefully admits* tried Sprinkles Cupcakes for the first time this past Monday. A coworker of mine and I had been planning a trip to the Downtown Disney District since winter break and were, finally, able to fit it into our conflicting schedules on President’s Day. Due to multiple cancellations on Hannah’s side, I was treated to two cupcakes of my choosing. 


The main reason behind my Sprinkles virginity was the chain’s scarcity. Prior to the Downtown Disney Sprinkles opening a few months ago, my nearest location was Newport Beach. Newport isn’t far, but doesn’t devise the most convenient drive. I also prefer the jubilant atmosphere that “the happiest place on earth” provides. Driving into L.A. wasn’t an option. 


Most of the cupcakes were $4.95 a piece. The multitude of flavors that the cupcake store offered were nothing short of overwhelming. Upon entering, the only cupcake that I could recognize was their iconic red velvet that’s seen everywhere (the top two in the box). I figured that I would try the red velvet in addition to seeing how they made traditional chocolate. After finishing the first cupcake, my stomach was full until I got home that night. I’ve been told that I have the appetite of a rat, however, so that might not be the case for everyone. I recommend ordering red velvet (their most popular) or black & white. 


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